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Happy Valentines

With Valentines day fast approaching, why not gift your favourite Harry Potter fan this Deathly Hallows & Snape inspired drawing.

Completed in ‪‎Indian‬ ‪‎Ink‬this cna be personalised for your loved one.

Can be replicated for £50 (not framed) hand made

After all this time...

Exhibition Pieces

Our month long residency at Matthews Yard Gallery in Croydon as part of the Living Free Art Collective starts tomorrow, 7th October until 1st November 2015.

Below are some of the key pieces available to purchase during the event, every one of them handmade, one-off originals, never to be recreated.

Click on the images for a closer look



Installation made from wood, lead, using x-rays retrieved from around the world (one from a friends sister in Poland) to represent everything to do with equality.

(Smaller three x-ray piece available in white or black frame)

Money, the route of all evil


Mixed media collage backed on US dollar covered wood.

The skull, representing evil, is a collage entirely made up of different currencies from Egyptian pounds to Disney dollars, leather wallets, old credit cards, financial times clippings, coins etc.

American Dream


Mixed media collage, using ink, spray paint and paint.

This collage is entirely made up of American packaging, money, Disney dollars etc. It’s an ironic look at what the Native Americans would essentially lose their land for.

Urban Fox


Mixed media collage on road sign.

I wanted to create an urban fox entirely made from rubbish and items I found while on my travels around Croydon. It’s been in the making for around a year, trying to find each perfect piece such as old rusty coke cans etc. Made on an old discarded road sign, spray painted white with a few of the original features left coming through.

The piece represents the way a fox improvises due to the environment, by foraging and scavenging.

Neon Skull


Graffiti inspired spray painted skull in presentation box

The Old Curiosity


A portrait of my Uncle, created in ink, marker and splashes of paint for his awesome beard, all backed on pages from Charles Dickens' The Old Curiosity Shop

If you are interested in bespoke portraits of yourself our your loved ones, please contact me for details

Red October Collage

Mixed media collage on canvas, spray paint and ink.

Red October Drawing

Ink and spray paint on glass.

Urban Fox

Urban Fox Collage – Mix Media on Road sign.

I wanted to create an Urban fox entirely made from rubbish and picked up items I found on my travels around Croydon. It’s been in the making for around a year trying to find each perfect piece such as old rusty coke cans.

This is made on an old road sign my dad found for me that I sprayed white with Montana Cans but with a few of the original sign left just coming through.
The piece represents the way a fox improvises to its environment using rubbish and it’s urban environment.

This will be on view in October in Matthews Yard Croydon in October for an exhibition for local artists. Why not come along and have a butchers…

The American Dream

She takes along time but I will make her beautiful, all made up of American packaging her skin is made entirely from ‪‎recycled Starbucks‬, McDonalds, KFC, ‎Pizza Hut‬, Dominos‬ and other American companies.

The final piece is to portray what the result of what the genocide would be…the American Dream.

Skull Tattoo

I was asked to design a skull with roses & some red involved for a shin tattoo.
I get asked all the time to do designs for tattoos, though most tattooists are great illustrators, so I usually tell people to go to them to do it as Im very busy doing other artwork nowadays.

I charge about £25 an hour to design them. Currently in the chair being tattooed as I type!


Collage Piece for a very talented tattoo artist Ten Tonne Atom on recycled Art Deco type paper using black ink, black paint, nails, vintage buttons, Lego, wood, watch bracelet, mulberry leather & paper and of course framed.

Cheers for doing all the ink on my left sleeve bro.

50 shades of grey

Trying out different skulls ?
Geometric Skull on Acetate (transparent plastic)

  • Drawn in Ink
  • Thickened in Pen
  • Montana White spray paint
  • Then painted in Grey, black & white acrylic
  • Touched up again with black ink.

This is supposed to look sketchy & imperfect.


By using acetate, you can use light so that the piece can be changed by any surface it is put in front of.