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Creative Debuts: Thank You!

A massive thank you from myself and the whole Living Free collective to everyottne who has supported us in any way shape or form. This was only our second show ever!

It wouldn’t have been possible without the Creative Debuts team. They’ve been incredible throughout the whole process and we fully support their movement. All the hard work was warmly received, and as ever I have been overwhelmed by the positive response.

Below are some photos of the launch night captured by Jonathan Simpson.

The event is on until 2nd May and I have a lot more planned. So watch this space.

Happy Valentines

With Valentines day fast approaching, why not gift your favourite Harry Potter fan this Deathly Hallows & Snape inspired drawing.

Completed in ‪‎Indian‬ ‪‎Ink‬this cna be personalised for your loved one.

Can be replicated for £50 (not framed) hand made

After all this time...

Skull Tattoo

I was asked to design a skull with roses & some red involved for a shin tattoo.
I get asked all the time to do designs for tattoos, though most tattooists are great illustrators, so I usually tell people to go to them to do it as Im very busy doing other artwork nowadays.

I charge about £25 an hour to design them. Currently in the chair being tattooed as I type!

50 shades of grey

Trying out different skulls ?
Geometric Skull on Acetate (transparent plastic)

  • Drawn in Ink
  • Thickened in Pen
  • Montana White spray paint
  • Then painted in Grey, black & white acrylic
  • Touched up again with black ink.

This is supposed to look sketchy & imperfect.


By using acetate, you can use light so that the piece can be changed by any surface it is put in front of.

Talking to London

Late last year I caught up with a London based community blog, who love to share the passion of the creative and diverse group of people that London offers.

The blog covers the world, everything from photography, music, arts, food, travel and so much more. – Listen to my interview below.

Talking to London – Alec – Photography & Portraits – Culture