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Colourblind x Unite Against Racism

To mark 2019’s UN Anti Racism week day 2019, I have created a unisex, limited edition Nike concept Colourblind football shirt to celebrate diversity and unite against racism.

We’ve seen a shocking rise in attacks against Muslim and Jewish people, against gay and disabled people, and against refugees and migrants too.

Those who are trying to divide us and stir up hate, blame migrants and minorities for our crumbling schools and stuffed classrooms, for the fact our kids can’t find an affordable home or a decent job.

We know that leaders who are bankrupting public services, tax-dodging corporations, too greedy to pay their share and bad bosses, always on the look-out for corners to cut and cheaper labour are to blame for many of the problems that we face.

I believe that we need a mass movement against racism to ensure that we are not divided and have a just and fair society.

Show that we will not stop until the rise of racism and the far right has been defeated. Stand up to Islamophobia and antisemitism, racism in sport, help get justice for Windrush, defend migrant rights and show that refugees are welcome.

Don’t let the racists divide us.

Our limited edition, unisex Nike football shirt is available to purchase in sizes Small to XXL, £40.00 each

Colourblind focuses on commonalities between people, such as their shared humanity.

Colourblind acknowledges, highlights, and celebrates ethno-racial differences. It recognises that each tradition has something invaluable to offer. It is not afraid to see how others have suffered as a result of racial conflict or differences. Colourblind accepts that the struggles have been real.

Although I have experienced racism in a variety of situations, my demeanour and outlook should not be marked as different or inferior due to the colour of my skin. That, however, does not mean that I do not see the struggle others go through who may not have the same background as me. Perhaps the analogy is not perfect; it is not meant to erase one’s right to have pride in racial/ethnic heritage. Colourblind celebrates when different kinds of people work together, fostering the simultaneity of unity and diversity. Indeed, Colourblind embraces these differences. Hence my colourblind motif features 7 triangles symbolising each continent in our world.

I want you to know that the idea of colourblind is beautiful when said with a true desire to accept others, but we cannot let it blind us to the forms of discrimination still present in our society. Perhaps we can all be mindful of institutional dynamics when we think a situation is ultimately caused by one or a few individuals. Perhaps we can be mindful when we may be denying society structures or expecting behavioural assimilation. Perhaps nothing will truly start to get better until we do these things.

I also want you to know that none of this is meant to even suggest that all people of a certain colour or ethnicity are the same; my interpretation of colourblind is quite the opposite. I ask you to be open to individual differences but aware of racial or ethnic pride. Frankly, some people may abide by racial or ethnic norms, but others may not. This, one cannot ascertain, until we get to know individuals.

So, if you see colourblind as a grand panacea for racial solidarity, make sure you are not inadvertently denying the racism that still exists or the cultures to which people belong. This quote from Audre Lorde clarifies my points quite strongly:

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept, and celebrate those differences”

My art celebrates the beauty in our diversity and is not blind to it. The seven triangles in the motif also represent the seven colours of the rainbow not only being aware of the colour but as a sign of peace. I believe the ideal is not assimilation but a unity in diversity and an attempt to create and maintain a level playing field for a variety of people. I see all, I’m not physically blind to anything cultural, political, ethnic or racial.

Creating art for me is simply not good enough to make positive changes, I truly live my words and walk the walk by creating opportunity’s for hundreds of multicultural children that I never had when I was their age. I’m actively inspiring our future civil servants, politicians, scientists, sportspeople, writers & artists to help create a better tomorrow.

One of the most exciting pieces of street art in Croydon


Proud to be featured again by The Croydon Advertiser, this time for my ‘Peace’ mural as one of the 11 of the most exciting pieces of Croydon street art.

Based on an original collage entitled ‘Peace ‎‫سلام‬ ‘ the mural sitting outside Matthews Yard is the first piece of street art in Croydon that is gilded in 24 karat gold leaf.

A second mixed media collage (£595) and a limited run of 30 hand finished prints in gold leaf (£15 each) will be available to purchase at my next show at Matthew’s Yard.

ISIS or whatever they call themselves, are they a true representation  of Islam?

Are the Christian Extremists a true representation of Christianity? Or the Buddhist monks that literally committing genocide towards the Rohingyas right now in Burma a true representation of Buddhism? Is every Irishman in the IRA?


There is not supposed to be terrorist tag attached to ONE particular religion. Everyone that commits an act of terror for a political or religious reason should be called a terrorist.

The irresponsible media has resulted with Islamophobia behaviour trending and rising all around the world and it is alarming because people are fuelled by misguided emotion lead by unfair media coverage.

I mean everyone’s allowed there point of view, growing up & living in Croydon all my life with all the different cultures here I still find it astounding that certain people are still ignorant enough to have the viewpoint they do, which is why I started Colourblind.