WeWork Spitalfields

After a fantastically successful month long residency with the Creative Debuts team at Whitechapel Gallery’s Black & White building, my work is now being showcased at WeWork’s co-working office space in Spitalfields, one of their 11 spaces in London

WeWork provides shared workspace, community, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses across the globe.  

Here is a small gallery of what’s hanging at WeWork Spitalfields.


Creative Debuts: Thank You!

A massive thank you from myself and the whole Living Free collective to everyottne who has supported us in any way shape or form. This was only our second show ever!

It wouldn’t have been possible without the Creative Debuts team. They’ve been incredible throughout the whole process and we fully support their movement. All the hard work was warmly received, and as ever I have been overwhelmed by the positive response.

Below are some photos of the launch night captured by Jonathan Simpson.

The event is on until 2nd May and I have a lot more planned. So watch this space.

Creative Debuts: What’s hanging?

My second exhibition and month long residency at Whitechapel Gallery's Creative Debuts at the Black & White building  starts tomorrow, 7th April until 2nd May 2016.

Below are some of the key pieces available to purchase during the event, every one of them handmade, one-off originals, never to be recreated.

Click on the images for a closer look

One Race, Human Race 

Hand made mono prints, hand painted in Indian ink, gold leaf & spray paint 1/50 £14.95 or £24.95 backed and framed

Queen Bithiah 

Moses's adopted mother. Moses was a slave child who Bithiah (royalty) found in the river and adopted against the law and against the Pharos knowledge. Moses freed the slaves from the pharos and rule. If more people questioned things that are not right true world would be a better place.

Collage with Gold leaf, spray paint, metal, mirrors, Egyptian pounds, paper, Acrylic & Indian ink


Mixed media reproduction of a South African woman.

Ink & spray paint, Laced with gold leaf and backed on South African Rand available for purchase.

 Donald Chump

I've portrayed trump as a nazi clown. Laced with newspaper clippings relevant to his bigoted views & dollars , disney dollars.

Finished in Molotow Headquarters black spray paint, Indian ink & acrylic paint. 

£250  SOLD

Worlds Apart

A new multimillion pound residential and commercial development Saffron Square and the UK's  Immigration Office in Croydon.

Metres away yet worlds apart.  

Spaceman Boris

The space man helmet is an ironic look at at the mans aspiration. 

Boris Johnson you either love him or you hate him. And this is looking at the aspirations of the man who causes much debate. You can see this piece as a positive or a negative.

You could say he puts too much focus on leaving a legacy and spending too much of London's money on projects like airports, stadiums etc. Whilst ignoring the real problems and poverty in London.   It's harder than ever to buy a property for young people whatever schemes are out there, pay does not reflect the cost of living in London for most. 

Or you could see it that he is a pioneer trying to create a more multicultural London and Create new exciting projects in London.

I'll let you decide.

Ink, spray paint, acrylic on canvas collage. Using an old tube map, metal, plastic & mirrors. Once again you cannot tell the quality of the piece unless you see it in the flesh.

Happy Valentines

With Valentines day fast approaching, why not gift your favourite Harry Potter fan this Deathly Hallows & Snape inspired drawing.

Completed in ‪‎Indian‬ ‪‎Ink‬this cna be personalised for your loved one.

Can be replicated for £50 (not framed) hand made

After all this time...

Croydon’s biggest ever art launch

We take a retrospective look back at Croydon’s biggest ever art launch and exhibition. The Living Free Art Collective held their debut exhibition from the 6th of October to the 1st of November, with the launch party on the 7th of October.

The collective is made up of myself plus Hark1karan, Vega, Anjali Barot, Danny Sloff Hedges, Nahwand Jaff, Priya Barot, Lee Fairweather, Grace Humphreys and Leon Bartholomew. Support from associate members Oliver Sudden, Mike Lawse, Darren Christopher Randon, Michael Balamwezi, Joan and Brgr & Beer.

Overview, community and impact
The aim of the collective is to create passionate and meaningful art in various forms, to inspire, to share, to bring the community together, to be inclusive, and to create opportunities for local talent and beyond.
What stood out was the quality and diversity of the art, poetry, photography and film on show. The viewer was offered an array of expressions and messages. The artists freedom to create without compromise and come together is what makes the collective unique. The sense of humanity and honesty in all the work draws the viewer in. It’s also a statement of individuality and unity all at once.

The launch itself was a cultural celebration bringing together 350-400 people from Croydon, central London and many places beyond.

There was art, poetry, spoken word, photography, music, a film screening, a raffle, burgers and drinks. Much of the feedback has been that they didn’t know events like this took place in Croydon.

Others also highlighted the energy they felt at Matthews Yard that night. Many left inspired and proud. A common unity brought everyone together for a special occasion.

Our collaboration painting raised £121.50 for charity. All money goes to SEWAC to feed the homeless, elderly and vulnerable in Croydon.

Exhibition Pieces

Our month long residency at Matthews Yard Gallery in Croydon as part of the Living Free Art Collective starts tomorrow, 7th October until 1st November 2015.

Below are some of the key pieces available to purchase during the event, every one of them handmade, one-off originals, never to be recreated.

Click on the images for a closer look



Installation made from wood, lead, using x-rays retrieved from around the world (one from a friends sister in Poland) to represent everything to do with equality.

(Smaller three x-ray piece available in white or black frame)

Money, the route of all evil


Mixed media collage backed on US dollar covered wood.

The skull, representing evil, is a collage entirely made up of different currencies from Egyptian pounds to Disney dollars, leather wallets, old credit cards, financial times clippings, coins etc.

American Dream


Mixed media collage, using ink, spray paint and paint.

This collage is entirely made up of American packaging, money, Disney dollars etc. It’s an ironic look at what the Native Americans would essentially lose their land for.

Urban Fox


Mixed media collage on road sign.

I wanted to create an urban fox entirely made from rubbish and items I found while on my travels around Croydon. It’s been in the making for around a year, trying to find each perfect piece such as old rusty coke cans etc. Made on an old discarded road sign, spray painted white with a few of the original features left coming through.

The piece represents the way a fox improvises due to the environment, by foraging and scavenging.

Neon Skull


Graffiti inspired spray painted skull in presentation box

The Old Curiosity


A portrait of my Uncle, created in ink, marker and splashes of paint for his awesome beard, all backed on pages from Charles Dickens' The Old Curiosity Shop

If you are interested in bespoke portraits of yourself our your loved ones, please contact me for details

Red October Collage

Mixed media collage on canvas, spray paint and ink.

Red October Drawing

Ink and spray paint on glass.

Living Free Launch Night

I am proud to announce a month long residency at Matthews Yard Gallery in Croydon as part of the Living Free Art Collective from 6th October until 1st November 2015.

The Living Free Art Collective is a group of creatives mainly based in South London. What bonds all the work together is the energy of artists, photographers, poets, performers and creatives. The positive energy about what they do and the ideas they want to express. Each person in the collective is unique to themselves and a creative in their own right. Each individual is different to the next and most importantly is able to share what they want.



Join me and the collective between 6pm and 10pm on Wednesday 7th October for the collective’s launch night and mingle with some of London’s freshest talents that include photography, art, illustration , music, poetry, film and baking.

You can find full details from our Events page >